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spacerThese free Victory Videos are designed to strengthen believers and leaders worldwide. Colossians 2:6,7 says, “As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith.” We also have many other Free study tools available.

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  • VV111 The Waiting Phase YouTube Video
    VV111 The Waiting Phase - This study will help you understand the three phases of faith: the Claiming phase, the Waiting phase, and the Receiving phase. You will gain powerful insights on why there is usually a "time delay" before you see the answer to your prayers by learning about The Waiting Phase. Video Audio-only
  • VV112 Praying God's Word YouTube Video
    VV112 Praying God's Word - This study will teach you the secret of praying accurate, faith-filled prayers. Ephesians 6:17-18 tells us to take God's Word and pray! You will never wonder again if you are praying according to the will of God. Learning to pray God's Word will move your Christian walk light-years ahead by.
    Video Audio-only Devo Guide!
  • VV113 Reprogramming Your Self-Image YouTube Video
    VV113 Re-Programing Your Self-Image - Your self-image operates much like an autopilot in an airplane. It tends to "fly your life" based on the programmings from your past. However, in Christ, you have a NEW IDENTITY! This study will teach you how to "put on" your new identity and walk in victory and dominion.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV114 Do it Afraid
    VV114 Do it Afraid! - If you want to succeed in life and accomplish God's plan, you must learn the secret of "doing it afraid." Whether you are in business, ministry, or trying to find God’s will, this study will help. You can learn how to step out in faith and overcome the force of fear.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV115 Following the Promptings of the Holy Spirit
    VV115 Following the Promptings of the Holy Spirit - This study will teach you the basic principles for following God’s guidance in your life. Learn how the Holy Spirit endeavors to communicate with your mind the assignments and plans of God. You can grow in your ability to hear His voice.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV116 Spirit-led Goal Setting
    VV116 Spirit-led Goal Setting - God wants to put His goals and dreams in your heart and then empower you to achieve them. It's vital that you understand the difference between humanistic goal-setting and Spirit-led goal setting. This study will teach you the basic principles for walking in Spirit-led goal-setting and developing plans-of-action.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV117 The Power of Prayer
    VV117 The Power of Prayer - Prayer is a multifaceted tool that will help you succeed in every area of life! This video focuses on three key aspects of prayer power: 1) Communication, 2) Strength, and 3) Influence. Prayer can become a mighty force in your life whereby you communicate with God, draw on His strength, and influence others.
    Video Audio-only Devo Guide!
  • VV118 Christ Who Strengthens Me
    VV118 Christ Who Strengthens Me - Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" This video will help you understand how to be strengthened on the inside by the Holy Spirit. The Christian life is not about trying hard, but about "yielding" to Christ in you.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV119 Discovering Who You Are in Christ
    VV119 Discovering Who You Are in Christ - One of the most powerful principles that governs a person's life is "identity" and "self-image." This video will help you understand that "in Christ" you have a new identity and self-image! You will discover that your self-image operates much like an autopilot does. You can learn to reprogram your identity.
    Video Audio-only
  • VV120 Winning the Battle of the Mind
    VV120 Winning the Battle of the Mind - As Christians, we are called to "renew" our minds to the Word of God and His plans for our lives. Yet, the enemy tries to hinder us by waging a battle in our mind and emotions. This video will help you understand how to win this "psychological warfare" that we go through.
    Video Audio-only
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