Monday, April 22, 2019
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Free Topical Memory System!

Topical Memory System bulletspacerScripture memory is a powerful tool for renewing your mind to your inheritance in Christ. It also helps set your course for God’s plan and a successful future (Joshua 1:8). You can print these pages and then use scissors to cut out the individual scripture cards. Carry them with you during the day until you have them memorized. Then, continue with another set of topical verses.

bullet spacerWe also have Free Study Guides, Free Audio Studies, and Free Victory Videos. These free study tools are designed to strengthen believers and leaders worldwide. Colossians 2:6,7 says, "As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith."

bullet spacerYou may need Adobe Reader to open and print these pages. If you need Adobe Reader: Click here for a free download. We suggest that you only download Adobe Reader and not all the "extras" they offer.

01assurance_of_salvation1. "Assurance of Salvation" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you gain the assurance and confidence that God wants you to have regarding your salvation in Christ.
02abiding_in_christ 2. "Abiding In Christ" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you learn how to walk with Christ throughout the day and develop a deeper relationship with Him, which is the foundation for fruitfulness.
03renewing_your_mind 3. "Renewing Your Mind" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you change your thought patterns as you learn to put off the “old life” and put on the “new life.”
04guidance_and_direction4. "Guidance & Direction" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help discern God’s guidance and direction as you discover His plan for your life.
05love_and_forgiveness5. "Love & Forgiveness" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you develop “the love walk” -- God’s love and forgiveness for you and your love and forgiveness towards others.
06victory_and_success6. "Victory & Success" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you experience the victory and success that God wants you to have – in every area of life.
07resurrection_and_heaven7. "Resurrection & Heaven" - Click here
  • These scriptures will help you develop confidence in God’s promises for resurrection and heaven. All of us must face death with loved ones – and eventually ourselves. But we can face it with the assurance that resurrection and heaven are guaranteed for Christians.

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This Month's Victory Video - The Power of Your Imagination Part 3
This Month's Victory Video
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